Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mitsu Hatcheroo

Well, it is time to get back to the blog, and what better way than to celebrate a new 4 door hatch coming our way from Mitsubishi. Now I generally like the looks of this thing, but the work out of the hatch seems a bit klunky, as you can plainly see the 4-door sedan that existed before the new addition out back. No wagonish cargo area window, no sir. But a window, or a larger hatch would have helped work out the huge space between the rear door and the hatch. 

My only other complaint concerns the inverted Audi grill. It looked bad on Audi, and it looks pretty bad here too. No one or thing should have such a big mouth. It really could have been nice with the bumper extending across the front, and a small thin grill set above it to visually connect the headlights. Under the bumper could have been a second air intake roughly the size of what's there and you could call it a day. Drop in a discreet Mitsu logo and go home. And ditch the hood scoopy things too.
Probably the better looking car along these lines is the Lexus IS300 SportCross from 2002.

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