Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jeep in a Nash frock?

Who da thunk it? Jeep, who has pretty much built a design vocabulary around a single model designed over 50 years ago, seems to be reaching to its long defunct cousin Nash for some fresh ideas. Rummaging around in the family photo album, someone seems to have fixated on the Nash Metropolitan...
Might I bring your attention to the Jeep Compass, a FWD cute-ute (remember cute-utes?). Styling themes seem to have gone straight from one to the other...

Notice the design similarities:
  1. Headlights at the leading edge of a tunnel that reaches back along the hoodline
  2. Squared off wheel openings. There is a complete posting on squared off wheel openings somewhere in the future of this blog...
  3. The dip on the doors under the windows on the Nash are enlarged all the way down the side of the Jeep, nearly to the rocker panel
  4. The reverse angle used at the C-pillar, while used in a different way is there
  5. Bumpers fared into bulges in the fenders
  6. The Compass even tries to look like a 2-door, hiding the rear door handles in a very Pathfinderish way
  7. and the parking lights/turn signals on the Nash becomes the fog lights on the Jeep.
Granted, the first two of these have been seen on other Jeeps, but it is still pretty odd that such dissimilar cars end up with such a similar overall feel. The picture here actually makes the Jeep look OK. In person, it looks just as dorky a Nash Metropolitan, but not as cute. Just bigger. And dorky.


Esteban said...

I love those Metropolitans!
They had a good sized engine too so you could haul ass down the city streets. All built of metal like a little German tank. It would be a perfect car down here in Mexico.

GBG said...

I think the Metropolitans would like Mexico. It would fit in with the small streets and old funky towns. They rusted like crazy here on the east coast. Maybe the humidity would get them in Mexico... I am not sure the Jeep would do much better though! -GBG

Esteban said...

Everything rusts and the streets destroy all living vehicles very quickly. The idea of a permanent vehicle is a myth. However, body work is dirt cheap as is mechanic work.
I'd love to have one down here. I should keep my eye out for one. They may exist in one of the many old old junkyards or yonkes as they call them. I'm buying a little motorbike to get around. It's going to be a Chinese made Italika. I can't wait to drink a 12 pack and do some wheelies! Keep in Touch!