Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shut your mouth when you chew!

The front of a car says alot. It sets the tone for the rest of the design. So what were the designers at Audi and VW thinking when they did these:
Gawd dang. Those grills are just plain ugly. I know they are trying to do something to conceal that 6" battering ram that the feds require, but Audi's corporate look makes me think of sitting back in the dentist chair... one of my least favorite activites. VW seems to have been unable to figure out a way to make this look good, so they just threw alot of shiny stuff at it. People like shiny things, right?

And it is too bad, as the rest of these cars are so darn nice looking. But I can't buy (or love) a car that has an ugly grill. I just can't.


jamesbrownontheroad said...

It's also pretty fundamental to consider the placing, size and proportion of the license / registration plate.

I had my first road accident outside a USAF military base in England, when I drove my dad's Seat Ibiza into the back of a Vauxhall Senator. The surreality of the situation was only enhanced by the military police showing up in a completely bizarre Ford Crown Vic prowler... I'd never seen such a barge in Britain before, and it's out of place proportions were only enhanced by the awkward British number plate that had to be contorted onto two lines to fit the American shaped plate holder.

See for some examples.

Some US states and Canadian provinces don't demand a front plate (based on the reasonable assumption that criminals won't ever reverse away from the scene of a crime) allowing drivers to get that f'ugly mouth open look in all its purity. It's odd that not all car designers (especially those penning "world cars") don't consider more the impact of placing different shaped / sized plates on the front, or what the car looks with or without a plate. Its true that these drop-jaw VAG products do have a certain gormless look in the adverts, although it can be softened.

Wow. Didn't expect to spew that tangent... Go figure :)

GBG said...

I love when the designers forget to have a place for the license plate in front. Chrysler LH cars from the mid '90's had a huge problem. On many of the cars, you ended up with a license plate mounted in the middle of the grill. Real pretty.

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