Tuesday, April 1, 2008

About AutoClay

What this blog is about:
Cars. Mostly about car design. I am not all that interested in the motor. I dont like to look under the hood. I like the fenders, the chrome, the look of the whole. But dont get me wrong: the thing has to move too. I love good results, and a quick and nimble ride makes me smile too. But mostly I like the styling of new cars, old cars, and those odd cars in between. Oh, and I like small cars. And station wagons. A lot.

Why am I blogging about this:
Not finding much discussion focused on this topic, and while I am inspired by some other blogs, I hope to get my thoughts on "paper" and share them with whoever might care to read. Also, I am no authority on the subject, but I am not finding much on the history of car design, and the relation to what is happening today. Classic car folks stay in their play pen, and new car folks stay in theirs. I like to look at both.

The name, "autoclay":
The challenge was to say automotive design in a quick, easy, smart way. I was thinking about the days when whole teams were responsible for modeling clay into design proposals. No computers, just paper, pencil, clay, and long hours. Not sure it makes any sense, but I'm not sure Jalopnik makes any sense either!

And so here goes... I have a nice list of topics I want to talk about. Please comment. Argue back! Thanks!

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James said...

Great idea for a blog. The world of car design is surprisingly small - so small I spurned the idea of studying it after school and chose architecture instead, imagining I'd have a better chance of a career :) I look forward to reading more.